Geotechnical Testing (Brisbane & Gold Coast)

Soil Surveys have centralised operations at our Helensvale Office. Our lab is NATA accredited thereby promising the delivery of the highest quality results. The lab offers a comprehensive testing service to Australian Standards. The geotechnical testing of the section of the lab  includes the following methods:
  1. Soil Classification Testing
  2. Shrink Swell Index Testing
  3. CBR Testing
  4. Particle size distribution
  5. Atterberrg limits
  6. Erosion and Sediment Control Testing (Emerson Class, pH, Electrical Conductivity, Dispersion Index testing).
  7. Point Load lndex Testing
  8. Unconfined Compression testing of rock
  9. Unconfined, Confined and Triaxial Compression testing of soils.
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