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September 3, 2020
Soil Surveys has been in business for nearly 50 years and we have been testing soil in our labs almost from day one. We were early adopters of the Shrink Swell index test (Iss) which is now a “must do” test for just about every site we do work on. We also made a decision early on to get our laboratory NATA accredited, we believe this to be an important requirement of every laboratory providing geotechnical advice to projects. Here one of our experienced technicians monitors an Iss test in our laboratory.  The test result will be used by our engineers to classify the site for AS 2870 Our laboratory can provide testing for geotechnical, earthworks and acid sulfate soil aspects for your projects. For more information check out our laboratory capability at
Soil Surveys- The Foundation of a Successful Project. Every project needs a solid foundation on which to be built and Soil Surveys have been providing geotechnical services to do just that for over 45 years.