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September 19, 2019
Recently our Principal Engineering Geologist attended the AGS symposium at Vic Park titled “Risk and Resilience in Geotechnical Engineering”.  It was a well attended day and had twelve speakers present. Topics ranged from sand dunes to spreadsheets, dams to deep excavations, there was something interesting for everyone. The presenters were also a good cross section of young professionals to not so young professionals and local, interstate and overseas focused presentations. The lively debate and discussion around the use and misunderstanding of factor of safety was also a highlight. The day was a great success and another in a line of well organised and informative events put on by the local chapter of the AGS. #Geotechnical_risk #Australian_Geomechanics_Society #Factor_of_Safety
Soil Surveys- The Foundation of a Successful Project. Every project needs a solid foundation on which to be built and Soil Surveys have been providing geotechnical services to do just that for over 45 years.