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April 1, 2019
Given the extremes in the climate across the country, as experienced in Queensland from the 1 in 500 yr rainfall and flood event in North Queensland to the extended record low rainfall and high temperatures resulting in drought conditions over a large portion of the remainder of the state, the importance of dams and reservoirs cannot be overstated. These structures provide storage of water for current and future irrigation, stock maintenance and municipal supplies as well as intervention of excess water flow to assist in flood mitigation. It is therefore imperative that proper comprehensive geotechnical investigations, including detailed drilling and insitu testing is undertaken to ensure adequate data is obtained for proper design and the future integrity of these structures. Soil Surveys Engineering have been closely associated with such geotechnical investigations and look forward to future associations and input. #geotechnicalengineering #dams
Soil Surveys- The Foundation of a Successful Project. Every project needs a solid foundation on which to be built and Soil Surveys have been providing geotechnical services to do just that for over 45 years.